Adding to an existing install

Additional EmonTx energy monitoring nodes can be added to both an emonPi or a emonBase system to:

  • Expand the number of AC circuits that can be measured.
    (Each EmonTx adds +4x CT sensor inputs)

  • Monitor circuits at different locations in a building

  • Monitor circuits where an AC socket is not available (using battery power)

  • Monitor 3-phase power (with 3-phase emonTx firmware, see EmonTx Technical)

Data is transmitted to the emonPi or emonBase via low power 433MHz radio as standard, or alternatively using the ESP8266 WiFi adapter via WiFi for applications where the 433 MHz radio range is insufficient.


1. Adding one emonTx to an emonPi system

If you have already setup an emonPi following the emonPi installation guide. The steps for installing an emonTx are covered in the emonTx and emonBase installation guide. The emonPi in this instance works in much the same way as the emonBase.

2. Adding more than one emonTx to an emonPi or emonBase system

In addition to standard emonTx installation as covered in the emonTx and emonBase installation guide: when using 2 or more emonTx units with the same base-station the node ID on each unit needs to be unique. See Configuration for details on how to change the nodeid.